DEVOA 2018-19AW Collection Reservation Exhibition

From 8th June (FRI) to 11th June (MON)

For 4 days from 8th June to 11th June, we will be holding the DEVOA 2018-19AW Collection reservation exhibition at our FASCINATE store.

Before the arrival of the new season collection, you can see many of the works ordered by us.

Appointment is not needed so please drop by if you can!


Pre-collection Arrivals

In parallel with the reservation exhibition, there will be an arrival of a new collection titled "Pre-collection" from the 18-19 AW collection soon.

These items from this pre collection are pieces that you can use even in the summer so please have a look!






1-14-9 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka



You can check the store location via google maps




From 8th June (FRI) to 11th June (MON)



12noon - 8pm



Collection Overview


Minimal and Classical

This collection mostly consists of natural materials, there are many fabrics with textured characteristics , especially among the items using camel and virgin wool etc. The atmosphere of the fabric sticks to the pattern, print and color development by the organization of the fabric and expresses a new image that was not in DEVOA until now.

The collection of this season has a mature air to it mainly centring around chic and classic items.


From natural materials to state-of-the-art technology

Following autumn / winter, along with OLMETEX from last time, we have also used many fabrics by Faliero Sarti. More than half of the fabric used for this collection is made with prestigious Italy fabrics.

In addition to the classic slim pants, we also have new types such as the cropped, loose full length that has a well balanced look that you can enjoy with a wide range of styles.


Also pay attention to textiles and coloring!

Developed just last year, there are item using the latest technology such as the down coat using "THIN DOWN” which is very thin and the warmth retention is about 3 times more than the conventional down The diverse composition show a vintage like expression in the materials as well.


Sizing Overview

The shape of the waist has become a size feeling of the conventional DEVOA. There is a slightly relaxed feeling overall compared with 18SS which has more of a slim silhouette.

DEVOA of this season has proposed a layered style, outerwear such as jackets are made with a regular fit, outerwear such as coats and vests have a sharp silhouette and you can also wear the vest on top of the jacket.

As a whole, that pants have a reduced space around hips and the loose silhouette has a refreshing back style. The Jodhpurs silhouette is the same, although there is a space around the thigh, it is slim on the knee and has a clean silhouette. As for the composition of the bottoms, there are not only the standard slim pants, but also cropped, loose full length pants also have a well-balanced look and you can enjoy a wide range of styles.



18-19AW Delivery and Arrival List

The items are sorted by month so please have a look at the list below.


18-19AW Arrivals List