cornelian taurus 2018SS New Arrivals



From cornelian taurus, we have gotten the newly arrived 3 Tower Ruck backpacks.

Along with the different leather  tower Ruck – Steer oil shrink leather that was already in stock, we have the Cow Mineral leather in black and a brilliant red as well as the Linen and Steer leather version. 

The standard black is most classic and we also have a very bright and beautiful red colour that will definitely give your outfit a pop of colour.

The refreshing linen type has a light and casual look which is also great for the spring and summer season. The contrast of linen and leather also creates a very balanced look. 

There are of course the original elements of cornelian taurus such as the handles and minimalist design. They have the luxurious look and matches really well with almost any outfit so we hope you will check them out! 

We will also be expecting the arrival from DEVOA tomorrow, 9th of February and it will all be published by Saturday so please look forward to it! 

For those who are coming down to our shop, you will be able to view these new items on site so do drop by! 





tower RUCK - Cow Mineral - 1

tower RUCK - Cow Mineral - 2


tower RUCK - Cow Mineral -

Product Code: co15sstr050-cow-black




tower RUCK - Cow Mineral - Red

tower RUCK - Cow Mineral - Red


tower RUCK - Cow Mineral - Red

Product Code : co15sstr050-red




tower RUCK - Cow Mineral - Red

tower RUCK - Cow Mineral - Red


tower Ruck –Linen×Steer Leather Black

Product Code: co15sstr050-line-black