B Yohji Yamamoto Release Date Notice

Launching on 11th January, Friday at 12pm

B Yohji Yamamoto 2019SS Collection will also be on sale at the same time!

Along with Yohji Yamamoto 2019 Spring Summer Collection, B Yohji Yamamoto is scheduled to arrive at the same time as well! These works have a very sleek and impactful look from the collection line so please have a look!

The shirts are scheduled to arrive in 2 types as well as 1 jacket. The long shirt was printed on the back as if it was stroked in black and white.

The shirts was switched between right and left materials and fabrics of different colours. There are details such as buttons around the shoulder as well as a collar that can be attached.

The long jacket is a relaxed silhouette with a feminine atmosphere that has a unisex look to it. The side gathers are accented as well to give a nice finish.

This time together with Yohji Yamamoto, it will be in massive stock near a total 30 type, so please wait for the release!


Items that will be released

Out of stock

Side gather Coat

B Yohji Yamamoto


Spare collar ...

B Yohji Yamamoto

Sizes in stock: 3

Spare collar ...

B Yohji Yamamoto

Sizes in stock: 2
Out of stock

Spare Collar ...

B Yohji Yamamoto


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Yohji Yamamoto
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13th march 12 PM Release

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