Today, we would like to introduce a new brand that we have started handling at our store in Kyoto, amok !

It was from the showroom we were invited to earlier this year and for this season’s 18-19aw, we have started handling this new brand.

Although it is a small section, please have a look.

The brand profile is as follows,

【Beginning of amok】

amok is a brand that was established by Yuuki Oshima in 2015.

They are a Japanese mens brand.

"Designing clothes that will resonate to the feelings of the depths of human beings by breaking the old and exceptional, and using new technologies" is the concept of the brand.

【History of Amok】

Founder Yuuki Oshima was born in Gunma prefecture in 1986. Graduated from Tokyo Mode Gakuen.

In 2008, he worked as an assistant patterner at "MIHARAYASUHIRO (Mihara Yasuhiro)."

In 2010, he worked as a chief patterner at "ANREALAGE".

In 2015, "amok” was launched with their first autumn and winter season 2015-16 at the exhibition.

18-19AW amok

Season theme "FAKE"

That being said, the designer was the one who was also active at MIHARAYASUHIRO, which has some relations with one of our staff Takashima.

There are many interesting pieces too!

As it is a small batch, please see our introduction to these 3 items.


Out of stock



Out of stock




This logo T - shirt with a concave logo and FAKE print.

The printed tee is recommended for the autumn as an inner as you can show the print.

The tags also have some fine designs and its just these details that really appreciate!


Out of stock




In addition to the fabric switching, the wide pants has the 2 flaps at the side that extends outward.

The waist belt part is stretched like a string and it has become a wrapping design that can be worn when tied in the front or back.

The silhouette is of wide slacks and is easy to wear as well.


Out of stock

FAKE CAP-1802...



This corduroy cap has the theme logo FAKE on the front as the main design.

FAKE cut out motif was done with a laser cut after creating the pattern deformed with letters.

From that point on, using two kinds of techniques that fixed the motif, it is finished in a design with the original three-dimensional feeling.

It is a free size and can be adjusted with the strap behind. There are also colour variations too.

Perhaps this is the unknown part where avid fans of FASCINATE and The R do not know, how do you like introductory blogs like this?

For our Kyoto store we are planning to bring in a wider selection of tastes and brands that we have not handled so far so we hope you will look forward to it!

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