The renewal of our website with FASCINATE, The R and cloishi as FAS-GROUP is over and the website is online and ready!

It is now possible to check all the brands from these 3 stores on the same website, as well as using the same account and use your points on any of these stores!

At first there may be some problems on the new website, but we will do our best to improve it and fix all the problems!

There many new things and changes with the new website.

FASCINATE | The R | cloishi Important Information concerning your account

From 2017 April 20th, FASCINATE taking care of『FASCINATE ONLINE(fascinate.jp)』will change its name for『FAS-GROUP)』. The points and accounts information will be the same for「FASCINATE ONLINE(fascinate.jp)」,「cloishi(https://www.cloishi.com」and Y.R.H's website「The R Online (https://www.realisent.jp)」. We aim to provide you an improved customer service as well as a great variety of products at『FAS-GROUP(fascinate.jp)』!

So please check your personal information to see if there is no mistake, all stores can be accessed via the same account.



Regarding the customers account.




From 2017 April 20th it is possible to access FASCINATE ONLINE [https://www.fascinate.jp],The R Online [https://www.realisent.jp]and cloishi [https://www.cloishi.com] with the same ID.

You can log into these 3 websites with the same account and points will be shared between these websites.

Changed elements

▪️Concerning the customers information

1. You can use the same account for all the partner websites.

2. The points received on each website have a 1JPY value for each point.

3. For people who had a account of each of these website, we have made them into a single account and sent all your points on this unique account.

4. When you create an account for one of these 3 websites, it will be possible to use it to access the others.

5. In case you delete your account, it will be deleted for all the websites.

▪️Change in the terms of service.

From 2017 April 20th it is possible to use the 3 services via the same ID, so the terms of service were changed. So please be aware that your account information is shared between these websites when you use them.

[ New terms of service ] Personal Information | Rule No 8(Personal Information Management) 6. FAS-GROUP [https://www.fascinate.jp]、The R Online [https://www.realisent.jp]、cloishi [https://www.cloishi.com], all 3 website will share the accounts information.

▪️Please be careful.

The account is based on the e-mail address you use to register.

The data taken for customers owning different accounts on the websites is as the following order:1. fascinate.jp 2. realisent.jp 3. cloishi.com . So for example for people who registered first on FASCINATE, the data used will be from the FASCINATE account.

※Please check the link below for more information.

FAQ here


For questions please contact us using the following address:


Phone Number : 06-6534-6110

E-Mail: info#@fascinate.jp