GUIDI 17SS New Arrivals

We have finally received new products from GUIDI!

GUIDI has a strong BLACK image for many people, but there are also items with a more refreshing color for this season!


We have popular bags such as the Q10, and also different shoes in this arrival.


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The Viridi-anne 17ss Cotton Linen MA-1 Blouson

Today we will present you an all black style using The Viridi-anne's『Cotton Linen Strong Twist Plain Stitch MA-1 Blouson』,『Washed Linen Cropped Pants』and

DEVOA's『Shirt Collarless Washi (Japanese Paper)』『Leather shoes Black』.


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DEVOA Jacket Wool Silk and Slim Pants Black Denim

Today we would like to present you the newly arrived DEVOA『Vest EX Fine Wool』, used in a coordinate.

This vest is like a no sleeves blouson, and is great with a short sleeve cut-sew for summer, but for this season it would be nice matched with a blouson for a layered style.

Match this kind of item with a tailored jacket is very usual, but this time we chose to use it with a blouson for a less classical style. All items used in this coordinates are new products from DEVOA.


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DEVOA Coat Cotton Wool and Anatomical Washi Pants

Although March is coming to an end soon, it seems like the cold days are not getting warmer anytime soon! But of course we have prepared many outfits for you to wear this coming spring and summer, so for today's post, we have a spring outer coat from DEVOA to introduce to you.


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Yohji Yamamoto Punk SuperStar Sneakers

For today's post, we will be introducing the newly arrived Yohji Yamamoto sneakers Punk Superstar. When you think of Yohji Yamamoto shoes, the collaboration boots with Dr Martens image might pop back into your head, but 1 thing that shouldn't be forgotten that this collaboration is an adidas collab sneaker. adidas and Yohji Yamamoto already have their own collaborative line, Y3, but this pair of sneakers we want to introduce today has a different look and feel, quite far from the tech image that Y3 has.


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DEVOA Coat Stripe Bio-processing and Cropped Pants Stripe

Today we will present you a coordinate using a set-up made with the same fabric, with DEVOA's『Coat Stripe Bio-processing Ramie』and『Cropped Pants Stripe Bio-processing Ramie』.

A set-up has a strong image with a tailored jacket and slacks, but this time we used a high neck blouson with cropped length easy pants for a casual color set up style.

Each item is very easy to use and match with others, so you can wear them even if it is not the way we use them in this set-up.


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DEVOA 17SS Leather Shoes

Today, since all the different colors have arrived in our shop, we would like to present you DEVOA's『Leather Shoes』. We have already presented some of the colors in previous blogs, but this time all 5 colors together for these『Leather Boots』. There are the Black, Dark Green and Purple Grey, and also the reverse leather models for the Reverse Yellow and Reverse Blue.


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The Viridi-anne Wrinkled Knit and Check Print Shirt

I personally love the classic, mode impression of monochromatic coordinates, but recently, to fit the season of spring, we feel the need to change up our obsession with black to something lighter and spring-summer like. For today's post, we will be incorporating items form The Viridi-anne to create a spring summer style that you can wear with ease. The Viridi-anne is also a brand with its main colour being black, but since the change of season, the brighter and serene colours are also starting to show.


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DEVOA 17SS Long Sleeves Shirt

As the weather is drawing nearer to spring, the air is starting to warm up I believe! For today's post we would like to introduce an outfit and style that is great for the weather from DEVOA. In this post, we will be introducing the same shirt but made with different fabrics. The 2 shirts will also be styled differently as well, so as to compliment the materials.


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individual sentiments 17ss Overall Work Style

We help our early reservation session for the next season's SADDAM TEISSY pieces for the past 3 days and we had an overwhelming response and extremely good reviews! We hope you all enjoyed your time here as much as we did and thank you so much to you, our customers and also the duo from SADDAM TEISSY, who took time off their busy schedule to participate in this!


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The Viridi-anne 17SS Calm & Easy Style

Today we will present you a relaxed style using The Viridi-anne's『Boucle Pile Long Cardigan』


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DEVOA 17SS Hooded Jacket

We have SADDAM TEISSY in our shop since last year, and we are having reservations right now for their 2017-18AW Collection, and had already many people who came to have a look. We are still taking reservations today and tomorrow, so please come have a look or contact by email!


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