Ankle Boots Calf Leather

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Ankle Boots Calf Leather-Hazel-41
Color: Hazel
Size: 41 / out of stock
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Size: 43 / 1 left
Size (cm)
SIZE (cm)
Size Outsole Width Height Heel
サイズ アウトソール ワイズ 全体の高さ ヒールの高さ
41 28 11 18 3
42 29 11.5 18 3
43 30 11.5 18.5 3.5
44 31 12 19 3.5
Calf Leather [Main fabric] 
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Collection 18-19AW
handling-store FASCINATE



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DEVOA 2018-19 Autumn Winter Collection.

The leather used is GUIDI calf leather. The Mckay method was used and the shoes were designed like the boots used for downstream water rafting. The sole part was divided thus improving the bending of the leather when walking. The shank part uses leather shank and iron shank as lightness and durability was considered. The insole has a flat insole made of 5 mm thick high repulsion natural rubber.

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Made in Japan


Designer: Daisuke Nishida

Concept: Our research starts with the understanding of the natural human body movements. DEVOA constructs of pattern toward movement of skin, muscle, and frame for an action. Human body keeps evolving and degenerating which are one and indivisible as the ages go by. We express clothing based on hypothesis and the theory of evolution which DEVOA interprets.

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