Create opportunities through clothing.

We are a company that prides ourselves to deliver products relayed from manufacturers and production backgrounds directly to customers.

Through four different filters, FASCINATE, The R, LOGY, and ANNASTESIA, we create opportunities for customers to interact with their products.

We try our best to connect our customers with the manufacturers and brands they love and respect.

Why we started FAS-MEDIA
As technology is ever changing and various platforms to gain information has become just 1 touch away, we felt that it has become necessary for us to distribute primary information to our customers.
The positive reaction of each customer when they receive their order can really be felt regardless of when it is online or in our shop. When we look back, we feel the reward of being able to provide our service as well as a closeness to the items from the various brands.

However, we started to wonder when we sell items through mail order, were we able to fully convey that feeling and information? That question was always on our mind. Thus, FAS-MEDIA was created as a source for customers to understand the humans behind the clothes they wear, the creator's feelings and back stories of showrooms. Our intentions were to share these points and to ignite the desire to enjoy shopping while understanding the work behind the product.
Media Concept

‘Wisdom’. (Chie, in Japanese)

A mind effect that reveals all phenomena and the reasons behind the phenomena.

Pieces that catch your attention,

pieces that you pass by without noticing.

Behind every piece of work we see are the brand's philosophy, materials, technology and the presence of the many people involved in production and sales.

Focusing on the thought of pouring into every single piece of work and focusing on the people involved in it, it may trigger a new mindset and sense of value to these pieces you own or are thinking of owning.

Cherish the connections that start with clothes.

We want to look for “brand new unique perspectives" with everyone, and we want to stimulate the curiosity of many customers through this media and suggest interesting ideas to spark new perspectives.


He is the editor-in-chief, working mainly on the behind the scenes work.

Immediately after joining the company, his photography skills can be clearly seen in various areas on the FAS-GROUP site.

She is also trilingual as she can speak Japanese, English and Mandarin.


He has been a buyer since the start and oversees the entire FAS-GROUP company.

He is also a buyer for multiple brands of FASCINATE including popular brand, Yohji Yamamoto.

He is in charge of supporting various duties around FASCINATE as a salesperson as well as admin work.

The R - Staff

A founding member of The R and a chief buyer who oversees the selection of all domestic and international brands.

A young customer service representative who joined the company in April 2019. Sensitive to trends, he is good at cutting edge fashion.

.LOGY - Staff

he joined the company after experiencing mainly buying domestic brands.

He is very familiar with RIPVANWINKLE as it is a brand that he has been working on for a very long time.

He has been in charge of customer service at .LOGY since August 1, 2019. His hobby is collecting sneakers.


A buyer at the Nagoya store that opened in August. He has been an apparel veteran for more than 30 years.