Our company's Response to Coronavirus ( COVID-19 )

▼Operation of our shops▼


◆ FASCINATE Osaka / Normal Business


◆ The R Osaka / Appointment by the previous day Change to


◆ ANNASTESIA Nagoya / Appointment by the previous day Change to


◆ LOGY Kyoto / Closed until May 6 to coincide with the closure of Fujii Daimaru. (It may be extended.)

 The appointment is from here. 


▼Our Response▼


● All employees are required to take their temperature before going to work. Employees whose temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees are suspended from work for 14 days.


● All employees are required to wear masks.


● All stores should be sanitized every morning with alcohol solutions that are effective in sterilizing coronaviruses, such as cash registers, shelves, and utensils that may be touched by customers or staff (except Hanger).


● Hand washing with hand soap is mandatory after going out.


● Disinfect your hands with alcohol after going out.


● All staff are prohibited from commuting by train. We have decided to suspend employees who need to use trains from work.


We take the above measures so that customers can enjoy shopping in a clean environment.
Also, we do not recommend you to go out or come to our shops unreasonably.
We will do our best. We continue our daily work with the hope that the day will come when everyone can enjoy their clothes safely, healthily and with a smile.
Thank you for your continued support.

Date the information was last updated : 2020.04.4