Project in support of Danila Podolskyi.

The project started when a customer living in Ukraine asked if there was any way to support Danila, who runs a boutique in Kyiv.

Danila’s shop has been closed since the beginning of the Russian invasion. But now, he has opened again and trying to work.

Therefore, we asked if we could sell the products that Danila sells on our online site.

All sales proceeds will be sent to Danila.

We would like to continue our support activities with the hope of achieving peace and tranquillity as soon as possible.

*It is currently difficult to transport freight from Ukraine. As soon as the products can be shipped, we will sell it on our online site,

Introducing Danila.

After graduating from college, Danila started his career in the fashion industry as an assistant at a department store.

After that, he worked as a manager and buyer for boutiques dealing with high-end brands such as Rick Owens, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Julius, Haider Ackermann, etc., he started as a stylist and worked in the fashion industry for more than 10 years including creative consulting.

He opened a concept store named Anthology in Kyiv, Ukraine, to express his philosophy, respect and belief in artisan clothing in a clearer way.

The shop started as a small corner and grew into a beautiful, independent space.

Online sites and social media are also introduced below.

Danila's shop "Anthology"

Danila's shop selects brands that are also available in our company, such as ZIGGY CHEN, Uma Wang, Boris Bidjan Saberi and Guidi, based on his philosophy that "highly skilled and passionate works are the assets that give people deep experience".

In this age of mass production and consumption, it is hoped that people will enjoy collecting clothes that have a "continuity" of universal value from the past to the present and the future like collectors.

We want you to experience the value and goodness of a special item that is rare and harmonizes high quality with artistic aesthetics.

With that in mind, he does not open an online shop, but operate a shop as a place where he can interact directly.

Interview with Mr. Danila

Danila was interviewed about Ukraine and the current situation.

We will continue to publish this series on an irregular basis, so please read it.