Shoes Calf leather - Charcoal

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SIZE (cm)
Size Outsole Width Height Heel
サイズ アウトソール ワイズ 全体の高さ ヒールの高さ
41 30 11 12 3
42 31 11.5 12 3
Horse Leather
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Collection 19SS
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Points to note when wearing:

This item has a small opening and the rubber of the side gore is only on the inside. At the beginning, please use a shoehorn if possible and wear them so that the inside stretches. Since it will become familiar and broken into with time, you will get used to them and they will be comfortable and easier to take off and put on. If you choose a size bigger than normal because of the hardness in the beginning, it will become loose after a while, so please choose the size as you normally would.

Shoes Calf leather - Charcoal-Charcoal-41
Color: Charcoal
Size: 41 / 缺货
Size: 42 / 缺货


DEVOA 2019 Spring Summer Collection.

The colour variations have changed as a re-release since the 18 SS collection. To further improve the fitting, the overall volume was suppressed.
Side goa shoes with a zipper so that it is easy to wear and take off. Natural rubber was used in the insole so as not to cause hydrolysis.

The pattern is finished in a minimalistic design so that not only the stitching is on the front part. The colours black, purple gray, orange and hazel uses Guidi's calf smooth leather, the colour charcoal uses Guidi's horse leather.


Made in Japan


Designer: Daisuke Nishida

Concept: Our research starts with the understanding of the natural human body movements. DEVOA constructs of pattern toward movement of skin, muscle, and frame for an action. Human body keeps evolving and degenerating which are one and indivisible as the ages go by. We express clothing based on hypothesis and the theory of evolution which DEVOA interprets.

Collection 19SS
handling-store FASCINATE
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