Original sole Dip hitop sneaker Black

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SIZE (cm)
Size Outsole Width Height Heel
サイズ アウトソール ワイズ 全体の高さ ヒールの高さ
37(22.5cm) 27.7 12.2 4
38(23.5cm) 28.3 12.4 4
39(24.5cm) 29.0 12.6 4
40(24.5cm) 29.7 12.8 4
41(25.5cm) 30.3 12.9 4
42(26.5cm) 31.0 13.1 4
43(27.5cm) 31.7 13.2 4
44(28cm) 32.3 13.4 4
Rubber [Sole]
Additional Info
Collection 20-21AW
handling-store .LOGY 京都店
Original sole Dip hitop sneaker Black-Black-37
Color: Black
Size: 37 / 缺货
Size: 38 / 缺货
Size: 39 / 缺货
Size: 40 / 缺货
Size: 41 / 缺货
Size: 42 / 缺货
Size: 43 / 缺货
Size: 44 / 缺货
Size: 45 / 缺货

MIHARAYASUHIRO 20-21 Autumn Winter Collection.

・ Sneakers that adopted Maison MIHARAYASUHIRO original sole

・ High cut of Converse "All Star" model made with polyester material

・ The sole has a handmade sense and feeling, it has a warm design of “Using clay to make the mold base by hand” that the designer Mihara Yasuhiro created.

・ High cushioning internal insole

*Each item is finished by hand, so there are individual differences.

Designer : Yasuhiro Mihara Production Area : China

Mihara Yasuhiro is a Japanese designer who started in 1996 and is one of the top brands in Japan known world wide. He participated in the Milan collection from 2005AW for the first time. From 2007AW, he moved his presentation venue to Paris and continued to receive high prose abroad. Unique, high design shoes and leather accessories are strongly reflected in the commitment to the material as his items are pieces that you cannot find anywhere else. As for his clothing and shoes, he has developed many strong items with impactful designs. In collaboration with brands such as, ‘PUMA by Mihara Yasuhiro’ was released and he is actively collaborating with other brands that are bound to grab your attention.

Collection 20-21AW
handling-store .LOGY 京都店
ProductID : 46275
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