The Viridi-anne 2021-22aw Collection

The Viridi-anne's 21 -22 AW (fall and winter), which celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the brand's establishment in 2021 SS (spring and summer), is an impressive collection with a soft atmosphere that continued from the previous season with patterns.

The Viridi-anne features an active tech style with a constructive design and a mixed style with small items, while classic jacket styles that show a calm look are also seen here and there. The earth colors such as beige, gray and khaki create a casual mood.

This item can be worn casually with the oversized silhouette that has been a trend for a long time.

This item is made from a variety of materials to match with style proposals, such as the use of materials that give a used look and the use of "Cordura Nyco" that has been used since last season.

This is a collection that has changed greatly from the brand image of black based color composition and shows a new side.

The Viridi-anne 21-22AW Collection