H.R 6 Designer interview
About H.R 6

A designer interview project focusing on the creator's philosophy and behind the creation.

This time, we will be introducing a new brand H.R 6, which was started by the designer Nishida of DEVOA.

The high-quality work made with a concept of "To spend a comfortable and relaxing time in a private space" is based on a completely different concept but with the same fundamental philosophy as DEVOA.

Here is the full story of H.R 6.


The designer of DEVOA who is supported by core fashion freaks in Japan and abroad.

This time, he will launch H.R6, a new brand that offers lifestyle suggestions, making use of the experience and knowledge acquired at DEVOA.



He is the editor-in-chief, working mainly on the behind the scenes work.

He worked as a stage and advertisement photographer before joining the company in March 2019.



"I want to develop pieces that make the user feel comfortable and help add colour to the space they spend their time in."

Each H.R 6 item is delivered in its own box.
You can really see the delicate work that Mr. Nishida puts in.

--- Firstly, what is the brand concept for H.R 6?

The brand name stands for [Honest Rooms] which literally means "room of truth".

It was born from the concept that various things related to the room and space you spend are composed of natural things without scientific elements.

The concept is very simple, such as room wear, cushions, blankets, pen cases and other everyday items.

It may be an exaggeration but the expression “being in your own private time" may be close to what I envisioned.

Through H.R 6, I want to develop pieces that make the user feel comfortable and help add colour to the space they spend their time in.

Items were made with a "comfortable fit" in mind. The design and pattern are both simple.
Finished with attention to fine details, these items are made from comfortable materials.

---Please tell us what you were particular about and conscious of when you starting creating these items.

The basic idea is really simple and obvious, but it was made with the two points of "the state of being comfortable to wear" and "something that can be used in daily life" in mind.

Based on this idea, the room wear is available in 4 types for men and 5 types for women and the item structure is basic short sleeve cut sew, long sleeve cut sew, half pants, and baggy pants.

For the women’s line, we also produced tank tops.

The fabric is made of cotton cashmere for the top and cotton for the pants.

The sewing surface is processed in the same way as DEVOA so that the quality indication and seam allowance do not touch the skin.

As the concept suggests, this brand mainly develops room wear, so it pursues comfort with a different approach from DEVOA.

The design and pattern are made as simple as possible and considering the size and comfort, it is made with a loose silhouette.

I think that the material's goodness directly relates to the comfort so that you can feel comfortable wearing it.

The room wear is designed with a relaxed fit.
They come in a variety of sizes so you can enjoy them regardless of your body type.

--- Please tell us about the size feeling and sizes available.

Men's size 1 for H.R 6 can be compared to a size 1 to 2.5 for DEVOA.

There are sizes from [1] to [4], so we are developing it so that you can follow the sizing up to a certain size.

For women's wear, the minimum size is [00] and the height setting is up to around 160 cm. If the wearer is taller and bigger, I think most people can wear it at [0] as well.

The sizes [1] and [2] are for those who want to wear more loosely or women who are bigger in size.

As for choosing the size, the men's size is generally [1] or [2], and the women's size is generally [00] or [0], so I think most Japanese people can wear it comfortably.

From left: [ BLACK ] [ CAMEL ] [ DARK NAVY ] [ ORANGE ] [ GRAY ]

Each item of room wear is available in 5 colours and you can freely choose the combination you like.

— One of the characteristics is that there are a lot of colours variations this time.

Room wear is available in 5 colours, ORANGE, DARK NAVY, CAMEL, GRAY and BLACK.

By increasing the number of colours available, the top and bottom can be combined with different colours or you can enjoy any combination of colours you like.

We want more people to enjoy it, so we hope you will experience the visual preference and the joy of choosing your favourite colour.

--- Please tell us about the features of each work. Please start with the top.

This item is made of cotton cashmere that is comfortable to wear. It has a natural stretch property and is soft to the touch.

The fabric gradually changes to a soft texture as it is washed and becomes more comfortable as it feels softer against the skin.

We also developed a fabric that can be easily washed at home, taking into consideration the frequency of washing as room wear.

As for the size, the top is particularly comfortable to wear, so as I mentioned before, we have made it loose with a comfortable fit without stress in mind.

The women's is slightly different from the men’s and is available in 3 types: long sleeves, short sleeves and tank tops.

Made with fabric that can be easily washed at home.

There are 2 types for men: short and long sleeves.

Women's wear will be available in three types: short, long sleeves and tank tops.

---How about the pants?

Cotton fabric is used for the pants in consideration of friction resistance.

I spend most of my time sitting in my room, so I have mercerized it to make it as smooth as possible.

The pants have pockets and the inside is made of stretchy mesh material.

The silhouette is loose just like a top and the women's baggy pants have tucks in the front to create a loose silhouette around the waist.

The shape of the shorts is different in consideration of the difference in the lifestyle between men and women.

The left is the women's pants and the right is the men's pants.

Shorts have different designs in consideration of differences in lifestyle.

--- About Blankets

Using an old weaving machine called the old card weaving, the knit was loosened to make a roughly knitted knit.

This item was manufactured in Lithuania and then processed in Japan to create a soft texture that can be used by a wide range of people from children to adults.

The size is 210 cm in height and 150 cm in width, which is about the size of a single bed so it can be used not only as a lap blanket but also as bedding.

This item is made with the idea that it is stretchable and breathable and stress-free when used as bedding.

Made from 100% cotton for easy washing at home.

The colour is mainly beige and the brand name is dark navy, each colour is made for this blanket.

This blanket is characterized by its natural warm colouring and gentle touch.

This item is made of a loosely twisted knit that has been made slowly and roughly with an old loom. The colour is specially ordered.

Large size for use as bedding. Of course, it can also be used as a lap blanket.

A simple atmosphere that blends in with nature. This item can also be used as an interior decoration.

--- About Pen Cases

This item is made under a double name with the Japanese brand STORIO.

I made an offer and was able to make a pen case that can hold 4 pens.

STORIO uses only maple wood with no nails or adhesives, they make the best use of bending wood technology. The patterns of the work are all the original patterns of the material so each item is different.

As for the dyeing pot used for dyeing, one pot is required for each colour so we added the dyeing pot originally owned by STORIO and prepared a new one.

The methods and techniques of production are not something that can be imitated so we create these products in an experimental sense.

This item is available in 3 colours, black, gray and orange, I am thinking about expanding the size from now on, but I would like to work on it slowly because it takes a lot of time and detailed work.

This is a pen case made with a double name with STORIO.
Each piece made of wood has a different look.

The precision that is exactly the same is overwhelming.
Truly a masterpiece by a skilled craftsman.

--- About Cushions

The cushion was made as a cushion for sofas.

The main material is specially selected from the top quality rex rabbit and the lining is made of a durable plain linen fabric coated with silicon.

The microbeads inside are uniquely blended with different sizes and repellents to take into account softness, subduction and repulsion during use.

There are 3 sizes, each of which uses 1 ~ 3 rabbit’s fur.

The size of each sofa is completely different in terms of the number of people who can sit and the depth of the sofa.

It can be used for various purposes such as simply placing it on the backrest, using it as an armrest or placing it at the back of the neck when you lie down on the sofa.

The smallest size is the shape and size for placing your hand, the middle and large ones have irregular shapes so that they can be placed at the back of the neck as well.

The cushions, which are carefully selected from the finest fur, are made in three different shapes depending on the scene.

Except for the fur, it is washable, making home care easy.

It is so soft that you will want to touch it constantly. This item has an elegant presence that enhances the casual space.

--- What would you like to see through these works?

In the course of our research on fabric development and sewing at DEVOA, we have experienced that the comfort and texture have a positive effect on the wearer's mind.

The happiest thing for me is to wear H.R 6 clothes as everyday clothes or to feel comfortable when using them.

We produce products that we can provide with confidence in the quality of materials and comfort so we would like everyone to try and touch the works of H.R 6 regardless of age or gender.

H.R 6