cornelian taurus interview
The Philosophy of Creation and Branding
Daisuke Iwanaga

In 2007, he established "Cultivate Industry" in Kobe and started “cornelian taurus by daisuke Iwanaga” from the same autumn and winter.

“Cornelian Taurus” products combine elegance, glamour, play and functionality with designs that incorporate traditional japanese culture and identity.



He is the editor-in-chief, working mainly on the behind the scenes work.

He worked as a stage and advertisement photographer before joining the company in March 2019.



From Kobe where he was born and raised to the world.
Iwanaga Daisuke, designer of “cornelian taurus”.

Focusing on the creator's ideas, this designer interview project is on the back of creation.

This time, we asked Daisuke Iwanaga, the designer of the bag brand 'cornelian taurus' which is based in Kobe City, about his creative philosophy and the latest collection from the background of the brand establishment.

This is a video shot in his studio in Kobe.

Background to the establishment of the brand and the career of the designer (# 01 to # 05)

First of all, we asked about the history of the brand and the designer, such as the events that led to the establishment of the brand, what he had in mind at the beginning, and the hardships and difficulties he faced while making things.

What are "thing that only one can do" and "thing that only japanese can do", the brand philosophy developed through trial and error, and the reasons for continuing to create in Kobe where he was born and raised are very interesting contents.



An approach to creation. The relationship between design, material and functionality. (# 06 to # 13)

One of the characteristics of "cornelian taurus" is that while it has a high level of design, it does not lose its functionality, and it fuses each other at a high level.

Where does design inspiration come from, how does it coexist with functionality, and what are the key points of material selection?

He talked about his ideas and functions, including the relationship with materials.



Current issues surrounding production background and future initiatives. (# 14, # 15)

What does he think of the production sites in Japan, where the problem of succession due to the aging of craftsmen and low wages due to cost reduction have become major problems?

Respect for the craftsmen who support our manufacturing and efforts to protect and develop the workplace.



About the new 20SS and "Leaf Collection". (# 16 to # 20)

He also explained about the new 20 SS collection and "Leaf Collection".

How did the new "Mouse zip shoulder" and "Leaf Collection" using plant leaves come about?

He talked about the design concept and the artists he was influenced by.



What he wants to convey through his work. (# 21, # 22)

In the end, we asked him about the joy he felt in his creation, and about what he wanted to convey through his work.

What is his feeling and joy when he makes unexpected discoveries or something that exceeds his image, and what he wants to convey through his works?



Next time, we will show you how to make a work using the brand's icon handle and crocodile leather.

2020SS Collection

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You can watch a video of the interview questions here.