2020 Spring Summer Paris Collection Review
Photographer Inoue reviews the 2020SS Parimens Fashion Week from his own perspective
On the fourth and final day, I'll talk about ZIGGY CHEN,Cornelian Taurus by daisuke iwanaga,KLASICA,D.HYGEN,O PROJECT

During this Paris trip, I walked with my camera gear in my backpack but it was so heavy that I had to bend forward.
Before I knew it, on the third day, I realized that I could not even lift up my head to see the streets of Paris, so I was walking looking only at the asphalt.
At Tokunaga's suggestion, we decided to carry the camera bags on a rotating basis!
The fourth and final day, we began carrying the bags, rotating them between each other, almost like a curse lol.

1.In the showroom, there were collections like ZIGGY CHEN
2.Clothing that looks like an English newspaper
3.2020SS Collection
4.Striped Jacket
3.Vivid yellow cut-and-sew with print

ZIGGY CHEN / Country of origin : Shanghai

ZIGGY CHEN 20SS collection has been developed with new fabrics.
Patterned designs such as outerwear and pants are also noticeable with the bright colours and letter design of spring and summer.
In particular, the partially printed cut sew colours of the arrangement and accents make up the exquisite balance.
Don't forget to check the pants collection, which has a distinctive pattern every season.
These brand-like designs and silhouettes are unrivalled by other brands.
Advanced craftsmanship and attractive items really gave it its charm.
ZIGGY CHEN's collection, which will accelerate from the cutting edge of 20SS, is definitely one to look out for.

1.Representative of the new season
2.The powerful veins feel the grandeur of nature
3.A bag made with the leaves in the picture above
4.Popular model made of canvas and new model made of leather

Cornelian Taurus by daisuke iwanaga / Country of origin : Japan

Cornelian Taurus's theme is "Art Form In Nature".
Leaf Collection is a bag inspired by Carl Brosfeld, a German botanist and photographer who has taken close-up photos of plants.
It's surprising that this was made of large leaves tanned like leather.
The expression of the material itself such as the veins of the leaf on the surface of the bag makes you feel the mystery of life and the craftsmanship.
In the canvas series, the material has been changed slightly.
Made of canvas, the brand's representative model, the Long Stone was beautiful and had a sublime aura.
The model bag with a handle on one side was also released.
20 SS Cornelian Taurus is an art in nature that is not only surprising but also touching.
It was really a memorable collection.

1.KLASICA with catchy and striking layout
2.Collaboration Shoes with tripen
3.Basic design that you can love for a long time

KLASICA / Country of origin : Japan

The KLASICA 20 SS collection features a cute cat illustration on a window and an impressive layout of several ropes hanging from a high ceiling space.
It has a vintage look which you can grow together with or age with, in other words, live with these clothes.
The appeal of this brand is that it is particular about its basic design.
The unique feel of the fabric is a must-see.
Two types of shoes collaborated with Trippen, a German-born shoe brand, are also worth checking out.

1.The theme of 2020 service stations is "carbonization phenomenon"
2.There are impressive collections
3.The jacket is dyed carefully
4.Special ribs created by D. HYGEN

D.HYGEN / Country of origin : Japan

A collection of D.HYGEN 20 SS themed on "carbonization phenomenon".
Hanging in the show window is a wooden object that the designer himself made by burning.
Next to it was a jacket dyed by a craftsman from Kyoto.
As the individual differences are caused by differences in dyeing methods, the feeling of the work is one-of-a-kind.
In addition to this, there were other clothes with new cutting styles like the one piece pattern, wrap and pumice stone used for the other pieces, you can also feel the attention to dyeing.
As for leather items such as a T-shirt with slit punching, lightweight leather and a riders jacket with elastic deerskin, leather ribs give a glimpse of the challenge of the 20 -21 AW. With each passing season, D. HYGEN has become a brand that leads the times.
Don't miss the majestic 20 SS collection!

1.O PROJECT product with an interesting texture
2.Attractive color variation of this brand
3.There was a unique atmosphere in the showroom
4.Unique silhouette

O PROJECT / Country of origin : Belgium

O PROJECT, a unisex line proposed by Belgian fashion brand JAN-JAN VAN ESSCHE.
In the exhibition space, the racks were displayed in the shape of O, which represented the brand's concept of "connection" and "moving appearance.”
I have a feeling that the product created by using the pattern design material which pursues the real close rather than the mode JAN-JAN VAN ESSCHE will blow you away with the numerous 20 SS items.
The unique silhouette and colour make this brand attractive to women as well as men.

The fourth day marked the end of this year’s Paris fashion week, it started with GUIDI and ended with O PROJECT.

I looked at the collection of various brands for 4 days and I felt the various brands concepts and ideas.
Fashion is always moving.
I was overwhelmed by the many brands that are driving the forefront of the times.

At night, Kobayashi and Takashima went out for dinner with different people, while Tokunaga and Momotani went out to the casino.
Koyama that was staying in a different apartment, so I ended up staying alone until everyone came back.
I was looking back on the four days that seemed long but short at the same time.
The routine of Tokunaga taking his shower, Momotani cooking the sou-men noodles, Takashima taking the initiative in washing dishes, and Kobayashi preparing for the day.
We focus when we are working and joke and laugh when we are resting.
It was lively and I enjoyed this trip very much.

I think the experience gained from this job will become an important memory.


Paris Exhibition Review 20 SS Collection
How did you enjoy it?

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This concludes our 4-day review of the 20 SS Paris Exhibition.
To those who read to the end, the brands and designer as well as those who have supported us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
I will continue to be in charge of reviewing exhibitions in both Japan and overseas.
We will see you during the next review!

This has been Inoue from FASCINATE, signing out.