2020 Spring Summer Paris Collection Review
Photographer Inoue reviews the 2020SS Parimens Fashion Week from his own perspective
On the third day, I'll talk about Hannibal.,Parts of 4,HAMCUS,Yohji Yamamoto,STEPHAN SCHNEIDER,Daniel Andresen

What is a common breakfast for French people?
Whatever they do, they must be eating something stylish.
For us, we ate Japanese thin noodles, sou-men, as usual.

It's strange, isn't it?

This is my first business trip to Paris. Has it always been like this before?
But nonetheless, the sou-men made by Momotani-san was delicious.

So on to the 3rd day!

1.A vest with different colors at the front and back
2.The collection is displayed in an elegant showroom
3.Expressive fabric and bright colors
4.Design in the showroom

Hannibal. / Country of origin : Germany

The third day started with Hannibal., an artisan brand that attracts with expressive natural fabrics and calm colours.
The basic items of jackets and pants have firmly inherited the quality so far.
While sticking to the texture and the silhouette, the handmade items had a spirit of honest manufacturing.
The Hannibal. 20SS collection is recommended for those who like classic and beautiful pieces.
My heart danced to the new season when I saw the collection.

1.Appearance of the showroom
2.Skull motif
3.There are many variations of necklaces alone
4.Gorgeous coated gold color
5.Popular series of items

Parts of 4 / Country of origin : Indonesia

A collection of Parts of 4 had a lot of excitement throughout, the showroom had a scent of lily flowers in the vases.
It was a masterpiece layout just to look at the innumerable collection of how many works were put there.
The broad sense of design, sometimes elaborate and sometimes bold was one that kept me in awe.
This time, apart from the models we have dealt with until now, we also picked up new items.
Many of you who are looking forward to the Parts of 4 jewellery collection, this will be one that can really style up your looks!

1.2020 SS Collection
2.Lineup full of brand individuality
3.Orange that reminds you of the famous manga AKIRA
4.Light pink is also available for color

HAMCUS / Country of origin : Hong Kong

The 20 SS collection created by the HAMCUS Design team was impressive.
The first thing I noticed was the orange outer.
The catchy orange colour is of the very famous manga "AKIRA".
The brand staff said that it was the "AKIRA colour” which confirmed my thoughts, lol.
Apart from that, there was no doubt that the unique proposal and production finish looks as if it came out of the world of games expresses powerfully.
Not only is the brand unique but the construction that changes the silhouette by opening zippers everywhere for the tops and pants and the use of reflectors for the material is what really gave the brand its edge.
Keep an eye on the vibrant and powerful HAMCUS collection!

Yohji Yamamoto / Country of origin : Japan

Every season, Yohji Yamamoto has many fans looking forward to the collection.
Unfortunately for this brand as well, shooting and showing photos was not allowed as well so this will also just be a text-only review.
Not only was the collection really big, but it was also crowded with many other buyers.
The 20 SS collection continued to feature prints and patterns.
The 3rd collaboration with the artist, Suzume Uchida, was also present and those pieces were very strong and gave me an eerie feeling, in a good way! The way the fabric ways in the wind with the gravitational pull was very attractive as well.
In addition, there were a lot of other interesting pieces like velour items, tarot card-like patterns in the image of medieval times, and printed excerpts of text.
This season has become a hot topic as new patterns have been created to make drapes look beautiful and shorts have been released to make the hem of long tops look beautiful as well.
Please look forward to the dynamic expression of Yoji Yamamoto!

1.The showroom features this season's theme, SUNDY DIY, as a layout
2.Item with check pattern
3.It is interesting how to mix themes and collections
4.Purple color also stood out in the collection
2.Release jumpsuit

STEPHAN SCHNEIDER / Country of origin : Belgium

The 20SS collection theme is "SANDY DIY".
As the name suggests, a large amount of sand was used in the exhibition space.
The showroom was a set according to the season theme.
The stage effect which was unusual and really unique in its own way.
The collection featured jumpsuits that were also workwear.
The unique colour was different from the other brands that have been around until now and I could feel the distinct feature of STEPHAN SCHNEIDER.
Even though it incorporates the theme of "SANDY DIY", it makes for an elegant finish.
STEPHAN SCHNEIDER's 20 SS collection is exciting and we hope you will enjoy it too.

1.Knitwear that represents the brand
2.Deep green pants are impressive
3.A signboard welcomes you at the entrance of the showroom
4.The fabric gives a natural look

Daniel Andresen / Country of origin : Belgium

Many of you might be familiar with Daniel Andresen, a Belgian brand that produces unique knitwear collections.
We will be handling them from the 20SS collection!
Perhaps because it was the spring summer collection, there was not much knitwear in the market but there was a certain quality that could be felt even from the limited number of items.
In addition to knitwear, the linen fabric collection is full of highlights.
The brand was symbolized by the calm and beautiful colours of a blue outer garment and green pants with the unique European style silhouette.
This Daniel Andresen collection features a natural and delicate touch.

The third day was followed by a brand full of personality led by Yohji Yamamoto.

There were various genres and I can’t pick a favourite, they are all really good in their own way.

Here's another short story of the day.
The leather shoe brand EMATYTE had a showroom space at the bottom of the stairs from the Daniel Andresen floor.
Some people may remember their collaboration with DEVOA during the 19SS collection.
We found EMATYTE's sneakers were so shockingly amazing.
The lace-up type with the upper part is made on one side without a seam and we were surprised at the curl and lightness.
When I actually tried it on, it felt like nothing I had ever worn before.
I really want you to try a pair! Lol Tokunaga, Kobayashi, Koyama and I tried on EMATYTE sneakers.
Of course, all four of us were in shock but Tokunaga was more excited than anyone else.
At the end of the day, I had an opportunity to have a meal with two designers and patterers from D. HYGEN, they talked about the topic enthusiastically.
After that, as soon as I returned to the apartment where we stayed, Tokunaga spoke to Momotani and Takashima, who didn't see the actual EMATYTE about the sneakers so passionately.
It was the first time that I felt dazzled about the fire in his voice, lol.
It was one that I could not forget.

On the fourth and final day,I'm going to talk about ZIGGY CHEN,Cornelian Taurus by daisuke iwanaga,KLASICA,D.HYGEN,O PROJECT.