2020 Spring Summer Paris Collection Review
Photographer Inoue reviews the 2020SS Parimens Fashion Week from his own perspective
On the second day, I'll talk about 11BY BORIS BIDJAN SABERI,BORIS BIDJAN SABERI,nude:masahiko maruyama,iolom,DEVOA,ISAAC SELLAM,individual sentiments,Bergfabel

Except for Koyama who was staying in a different place, 5 of our members stayed in 1 apartment.
In addition to jet lag, I was so tired from the previous day that I slept even when my alarm was ringing.
I was sleeping on the sofa bed in the living room so my alarm woke up everyone, lol.
Now, please enjoy my day 2 review!

1.Many accessories are popular every season
2.Many of them have a basic impression
3.A vivid red that catches your eye.
4.A metallic bag is released
5.Check out the popular sneakers

11 by BORIS BIDJAN SABERI / Country of origin : Spain

When we entered the showroom, there was a large lineup of sneakers.
This brand has a variety of accessories such as hats, socks and bags.
There were many small items apart from clothes, the red colour attracted much attention as well.
Especially, the ones used in parkas and hats, it has a good colour that is bright and beautiful.
The shoes and outerwear were made of unevenly coloured red.
As for the overall collection, it has an impressive look with a slightly lesser street look.
The popular 11 by BBS pants with a narrow hem are also available.
I think it's a collection that is likely to attract new fans as they are easy to wear.


BORIS BIDJAN SABERI / Country of origin : Spain

The exhibition space of BORIS BIDJAN SABERI was a level above.
As they have strict rules about taking photos, this will be a text-only review.
The showroom was developed in a luxurious and solid atmosphere.
There was also a zone where only red-coloured items were placed in one corner of the space, following 11 by BBS.
I was also attracted by how the power of the red colour was presented again.
The leather jacket had a good texture and the quality that caught my eye.
The reversibility made it a very interesting piece as well.
Wear made with slender silhouettes, the pants showed the individuality of the brand.
BORIS BIDJAN SABERI has become a 20SS collection that has a cool and sleek look overall.

1.2020 SS Collection
2.2020 SS Collection
3.An irregularly buttoned jacket
4.Unique bird pattern
5.Zipper on back adds gimmick
6.Beautiful black and red colored pants

nude:masahiko maruyama / Country of origin : Japan

The NUDE: MM collection was based on black and white monotone colours.
The most striking among them was the shirt with many types of birds.
Personally, I felt that this shirt gave a gap between the ‘cuteness’ and the many other dark colours used in other items.
In addition, it was an impressive collection to have developed a number of interesting items such as outer jackets, incorporating details like arranging fasteners and jackets featuring front buttons lined with rhythm.
Both tops and pants have details and that is different from other brands such as the making and design of the fabric.
The R store manager Momotani was also convinced that NUDE: MM, 20 SS will be a collection that will get a lot of attention so please look forward to it!

1.Apple Watch bands come in a variety of colors
2.The front is a silky bag with a moist texture.
3.Loupe or match necklace
4.Compass motif that symbolizes this season's theme

iolom / Country of origin : Japan

The same space as NUDE:MM, iolom was showing their new collection as well with the theme of survival.
They released a unique collection of items such as necklaces that can light a fire, necklaces with compasses and loupe rings.
The collection is, of course, one with a lot of character and there was also a demonstration from Mr. Sakamoto, the designer who produces many new ideas all the time.
In addition, the bag also uses a new type of shape and a model that is made of DEVOA silk fabric.
Showing the proposal in the interior, iolom developed by Mr. Sakamoto continues to exert rare talents embedded in delicate products and is a must-check!

1.Collections in the showroom
2.There are many unique fabrics lined up this season too
3.Classic 20 SS collection
4.A shirt with a constellation motif in relaxed colors
5.Wide variety of pants

DEVOA / Country of origin : Japan

In the recent season, DEVOA has proposed many military styles.
In the 20 SS collection, items made of fabric with stripes and patterns really caught my eye.
We recently featured designer Mr Nishida at FAS-MEDIA and after going through the process, listening about the 20SS collection was really exciting.
Listening to Mr Nishida really makes you feel more particular about the fabric and you can see no flaws with the structure and balance.
The shirt with a constellation motif on the entire surface is not to be missed.
If one has a different pattern when cutting the fabric, you can't find the same one even though it's the same work.
In addition, the back of the knit pieces are really unique as well and we highly recommend them.
There are many types of pants, each of which has a unique impression.
Sabot shoes will also be available.
The black, brown and grey colour variations are subdued.
Even in the 20 SS collection, DEVOA's unique products have been released one after another.
Also, personally, DEVOA is a brand that we really like.

ISAAC SELLAM / Country of origin : France

Shooting and showing photos of ISSAC SELLAM was not allowed as well so this will also just be a text-only review.
The 20SS ISAAC SELLAM focuses on outerwear where the bold leather seams are used as a point reflector material.
A dull tone of blue with an uneven cut sew also had a beautiful colour.
In the latter half of the exhibition, Isaac gave us a glimpse of the actual workshop and we wanted to show you some interesting scenes in pictures but showing photos was not allowed…
Please do look forward to the photos in the future!

1.Paul, a model who wears a unique 20 SS collection
2.Lighter colors like the brand are still available
3.Pants made of an expressive fabric interwoven with several colors and featuring a distinctive knee pattern
4.20 SS Collection swatch

individual sentiments / Country of origin : Japan

Individual sentiments showroom was in a little quaint place.
The 20 SS collection was a season that I could feel the brand identity.
Long-length outer and cut sews and shirts of pale colours.
For example, the knee part of the pants adopts a pattern that is easy to move in.
There are many items that have fabrics with unique and expressive looks with patterns and three-dimensional effect.
These items are created with design and elegant impression unique to female designers. It has established itself in a style of flowing menswear.
With the cooperation with the model, Paul who is familiar with individual sentiments, I was also to shoot him wearing the 20SS collection. He really had the charm of individual sentiments.

1.Brand's image of clothing
2.A variety of shirts are released
3.A jacket, vest, and pants that you'll want to get together as a set
4.Some shirts have stripes

Bergfabel / Country of origin : Italy

The brand Bergfabel is by the Italian designer Klaus Plank, which is a new brand that we will start handling from the 20 SS collection.
The designs are absolutely classic.
The items made using Italian original fabric and the finish has a rustic texture unique to handmade items, you can feel the commitment of the brand.
A variety of jackets and pants are available and various collar shirts are available as well.
It was an impression that can express a style that can be worn as a setup.
While using traditional textures and textures of materials used in hard workwear, it is a notable atmosphere of Bergfabel.

The second day had us looking at 8 brands.

There were many designers that showed their originality and individuality.
The experience of being able to hear the designer's voice is especially valuable to me.
I hope these reviews were able to capture the sense and feel of the showrooms!

By the way, as Momotani-san and Takashima-san were viewing almost the same brands for their 2 shops, they seemed to have gotten closer especially since they are both dads and were staying in the same room. I, looking at them from an outsider perspective, could feel that they got closer on this trip, lol.

On the third day, I'm going to talk about Hannibal.,Parts of 4,HAMCUS,Yohji Yamamoto,STEPHAN SCHNEIDER,Daniel Andresen.