2020-21 Autumn Winter Paris Collection Review
Photographer Inoue reviews the 2020-21AW Parimens Fashion Week from his own perspective
On the second day, I'll talk about Yohji Yamamoto,DEVOA,The Viridi-anne,DUELLUM,GUIDI

Now, please enjoy my day 2 review!

Yohji Yamamoto / Country of origin : Japan

Yohji Yamamoto's collection is always surprised by the number of items.
This 20 -21 AW item features a simple jacket and bottom with an emblem and chain.
You can feel the playful sense of Yohji Yamamoto with the embroidery with a long and complicated thread, the thick knit with an uneven look with paint, and the casual print of Suzume Uchida.
This item has an unbalanced design by combining different plaid patterns on the left and right. The drape created by the stole incorporated into the shirt creates an atmosphere that transcends gender boundaries.

The outer has the number of large inner pockets with a lot of storage space. This item has a detailed look even on the inside.
This season's collection, which is full of a sense of gravity and playfulness, is very popular.

1.20 -21 AW Collection
2.The stole is made of Farielo Sarti fabric
3.a wide variety of tops
4.knit item
5.pants collection
6.Released leather gloves that fit your hand
7.a bag with straps that operate
8.These shoes are also released every season
9.wild silk fabric
10.DEVOA's commitment to secondary materials
11.expressive outerwear

DEVOA / Country of origin : Japan

The DEVOA 20 -21 AW collection has a strong anatomic look.
This season's new proposal is a lining that suppresses static electricity.
In the exhibition hall, Daisuke Nishida, a designer, explained the work in person, but he was deeply attached to the materials and could not see the bottom at all.
The development of the work reminded us that the delicate and precise manufacturing of DEVOA starts from the fabric.
This is a must-see coat that uses a dobby check chester coat and the characteristic 100% wild silk.
In addition to Farielo Sarti, items made with several foreign fabric brands were also seen.
The washable knit which is easy to care at home is one of the representative products of DEVOA.
With flexible calf leather gloves, a bag with a movable strap, and a belt released after a long time, you can't take your eyes off the new leather products.

We will introduce DEVOA 20 -21 AW collection in detail later, so please look forward to it.

1.20 -21 AW Collection
2.3.3 way tops separately, the impression will change
4.5.The Viridi-anne has a lot of items
6.Knitwear with variation
7.Release Overalls
8.The sunglasses collection is also available in new colors
9.The backpack with many pockets can be removed and used as a pouch
10.The shooting studio is used as a showroom, and the collection stands out with the brightness of nature

The Viridi-anne / Country of origin : Japan

In 20 -21 AW, there were many notable items in the collection, such as down with thinsulate, combination jacket of knit and nylon blouson, reversible blouson with thinsulate in lamb leather, bi-color sweatpants, knit combined with different knitting, etc.
This high-neck melton coat, which is popular every time, is now available in a new model.
A collaboration item with Daniel Andrésen released a chunky knit item.

The Viridi-anne reigns as a brand with many fans.
This season's collection also had works that far exceeded people's expectations.

1.DUELLAM is a collection of all 11 types
2.3.4.A Jacket with a brand concept
5.The pants are also accented
6.7.8.Black, red, and white stitches
9.a knit that can be worn on both the front and back
10.have a button on the back of one's shirt
11.Attention is paid to the new brand DUELLUM

DUELLUM / Country of origin : Japan

The Viridi-anne started DUELLUM, a new project with two sides.
Originally, it was based on a stage costume designed for a dancer, and this collection consists of 11 molds.

The black, white and red stitching on the item is eye-catching.
With details and gimmicks such as harnesses on the jacket and patchwork, you can feel the 2 sides or more multifaceted nature of this brand.
The impressive 11 lineups look different from the Viridi-anne brand, so we have gained a lot of profit.

1.The showroom entrance is filled with the world view of the brand
2.The atmosphere in the hall was impressive
3.painted shoes
4.5.6.The theme of this season's color is a highlighter
7.The paint-type design is also available in bags
8.unique product
9.The brand engraving on the jewelry is firm
10.GUIDI products vary greatly

GUIDI / Country of origin : Italy

GUIDI showrooms always have entertaining performances, but this time the instagram's guidi _ community is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, so the pictures inside are printed all over the walls and floor.
The showroom where you can feel the power of the brand loved all over the world was the highlight.
This item is available in bright colors such as orange, pink and green inspired by a highlighter.
It is also characterized by a design based on black leather with white added to the above three colors.
The appeal of GUIDI is that each leather product, from standard models to new models, has a strong impact.

There are several types of jewelry such as popular wallets, rings and bangles.
The GUIDI jewelry made with a combination of leather and silver will add color to your outfit by showing a special presence that attracts the viewer.
This is the 20 -21 AW collection that I can't wait to receive.

We enjoyed 5 exhibitions on 2nd day!!

On the third day, I'm going to talk about BORIS BIDJAN SABERI,11BY BORIS BIDJAN SABERI,O project,HORISAKI,Werkstatt München.