2020-21 Autumn Winter Paris Collection Review
Photographer Inoue reviews the 2020-21AW Parimens Fashion Week from his own perspective
On the first day,ZIGGY CHEN,UMA WANG,EMATYTE,individual sentiments,STEPHAN SCHNEIDER

I am a FASCINATE’ photographer Inoue.

About half a year has passed since I reviewed the collection of 2020 SS.
It is early.
And just the other day, I went to Paris for 20 -21 AW collection exhibition!
As before, I will tell you the latest collection for each brand from my own perspective.

A strike by public transportation in Paris.
The damage must have been devastating, as the plane to Paris and the train from Charles de Gaulle airport both took so long that we managed to get to the apartment.
I visited the exhibition hall based on the opera apartment.

By the way, here are our members!!
FASCINATE; Mr. Kobayashi, The R; Mr. Momotani, .LOGY Kyoto; Mr. Yasuda, ANNASTESIA Nagoya; Mr. Koyama and I am Inoue.

We were in Paris visiting showrooms for 4 days.
This is a review of the brands we visited on the first day.

1.Powerful 20 -21 AW Collection
2.The corduroy outerwear has an imposing presence
3.About the 20 -21 AW Collection
4.The unique fabric creates a decadent atmosphere
5.From eyewear, new types other than round ones are also available
6.Stole with various patterns
7.The asymmetrical length and coloring are the characteristics of this brand
8.Many items are made of expressive materials
9.This shoes collection is also a hot new item
10.The work has the aura of a brand

ZIGGY CHEN / Country of origin : Italy

The collection of ZIGGY CHEN is not simple every season.
This corduroy outerwear has a dignified silhouette that cannot be seen in other brands.
The asymmetric design with coloring and length is also available.
The decadent and uneven series with a cold die on a metal material has left a strong impact.
Among the many products, the down is an item that even FASCINATE buyer Kobayashi really wanted.

Also, there are many requests for shoes that match ZIGGY CHEN's clothes, so they released shoes.
Contrary to its large appearance, the light design will not make you feel tired or stressed when you wear them.
In addition to the familiar round shape of glasses, new challenges can be seen, such as proposing oval glasses.
The production of clothes by maniac and elaborate brands has been evolving into a unique entity with the real charm that will impress clothing lovers.

1.Unique item of UMA WANG
2.Soft fabric and silhouette
3.Not Simple 20 -21 AW Collection
4.The deep coloring is eye-catching
5.6.7.Unique works are born from distinctive fabrics
8.The pants with deep blue are very stylish
9.Many vivid red items are released from the ladies' collection
10.UMA WANG wine

UMA WANG / Country of origin : China

This is a UMA WANG collection with a classic silhouette and a moderate design.
This is my first time participating in an exhibition.
The different colors of the outerwear on the left and right and the fun of the processing of each fabric will attract the wearer.

This season's collection is filled with the world view created by designer Zhi Wang, and each product with a design that puts emphasis on the fabric and is made with care is wrapped in a unique aura.
The light and comfortable feel is characteristic of a brand that also produces women's clothing.
This is UMA WANG's 20 -21 AW collection full of natural power.

1.Beautiful Shoes Collection
2.New High-Cut Sneakers
3.The sheep leather with different fluff by processing gives it a deep look
4.Side Gore Boots, a Representative Model
5.The clean form has a refined look
6.Leather glove collection left, kangaroo right, peccary

EMATYTE / Country of origin : Italy

I actually bought these shocking and comfortable sneakers on a business trip to Paris, which I mentioned a little in the 20 SS review.
It is very comfortable to wear, and the designer Gabriele Calvetti was happy with it in the showroom.
In 20 -21 AW, a high-cut type is released from these sneakers.
The fit from the toes to the ankles is enhanced.
There are two types of leather, kangaroo and sheep, and the sample was made of sheep leather.
It makes the fluff look uneven, and when aging, you can see a different expression in that part.

In addition to shoes, leather gloves are now available.
There are 2 types of materials: kangaroo with a smart impression and peccary with a high quality feel.
This is a leather product that is unique to EMATYTE with a soft and sticky touch.

1.A snow-grey coat gives a winter impression
2.The use of brand-like colors on outerwear and red shirts with several colors shows up
3.20 -21 AW Pants Series
4.This is a colorful swatch with a rich look from the collection
5.Three-Dimensional seam part
6.The showspace with gentle light matched the brand's worldview
7.Window Pane Setup

individual sentiments / Country of origin : Japan

It is a homey exhibition hall located near the Seine river as before.
The designer Yoko Itoh is particular about creating unique and impressive fabrics and the 20 -21 AW collection also shows the details.
From the works lined up on the rack, there is a wide range of colors from calm colors to colorful red cut sew and shirt, and colorful fabric.
As for items, the windowpane set-up and the snow gray high neck melton coat were eye-catching.

I took a picture of the above two pictures with Paul, the fitting model, and it matched well and made me realize how cool the brand is.
The collection lineup of individual sentiments, which has a mature and sexy look, is worth noting.

1.20 -21 AW Collection in a White Showroom
2.Jackets and shirts that combine different colors of blue create an elegant style
3.This item combines different materials
4.The subtle insertion of black creates a deep blue look
5.6.a collection of hats and stoles
7.The back cover of this season's theme encyclopedia is embroidered into the collection
8.9.10.The 20 -21 AW collection has a wide variety of items

STEPHAN SCHNEIDER / Country of origin : Belgium

In contrast to the space created in the previous 20 SS theme '' SANDY DIY '' exhibition, a refined space was created in 20 -21 AW.
There were knits with a calm impression mixed with dark blue and black, and soft fabric with the warmth of the material.
There were many works combining different textures such as a combination with artificial suede, or a wool coat with a contrasting knit.

While creating an orthodox and stylish silhouette, it was a collection with a playful spirit, such as expressing the atmosphere of an encyclopedia, which is also the concept, with embroidery.
The STEPHAN SCHNEIDER product, which adds the originality of the brand to simple products, has a soft yet elegant appearance.

We enjoyed 5 exhibitions on 1st day!!

On the second day, I'm going to talk about Yohji Yamamoto,DEVOA,The Viridi-anne,DUELLUM,GUIDI.