guidi(グイディ)図鑑 - 自然と科学、2つの調和で作り出す唯一無二のプロダクトをご紹介

Basic knowledge of
size range and selection

Basic knowledge of size range and selection

Not only are there various types of leather,
but there are also a variety of sizes available, which makes GUIDI great.
Here's how to pick the right size for you and what to do when the leather gets used to it.

Available in a wide range of sizes for men and women

for men and women
Available in a wide range of sizes

GUIDI's sizes range from 35 for ladies to 0.5 in increments up to 46 for men.
In Japan, they are mostly sold in increments of size,
such as 41 or 42, so you may not be familiar with them.
As a guide, each size is converted and displayed.
"men's size40~46"
Italy Japan UK US
40 24.5~25cm 6.5 8
40 1/2 25~25.5cm 7 8.5
41 25.5~26cm 7.5 9
41 1/2 26~26.5cm 8 9.5
42 26.5~27cm 8.5 10
42 1/2 27~27.5cm 9 10.5
43 27.5~28cm 9.5 11
43 1/2 28~28.5cm 10 11.5
44 28.5~29cm 10.5 12
44 1/2 29~29.5cm 11 12.5
45 30~30.5cm 11.5 13
45 1/2 30.5~31cm 12 13.5
46 31~31.5cm 12.5 14
"Women's Size 35~42"
イタリア 日本 UK US
35 19~19.5cm 1.5 3
35 1/2 19.5~20cm 2 3.5
36 20~20.5cm 2.5 4
36 1/2 20.5~21cm 3 4.5
37 21~21.5cm 3.5 5
37 1/2 21.5~22cm 4 5.5
38 22~22.5cm 4.5 6
38 1/2 22.5~23cm 5 6.5
39 23~23.5cm 5.5 7
39 1/2 23.5~24cm 6 7.5
40 24~24.5cm 6.5 8
40 1/2 24.5~25cm 7 8.5
41 25~25.5cm 7.5 9
41 1/2 25.5~26cm 8 9.5
42 26~26.5cm 8.5 10

GUIDI works vary slightly from person to person.

GUIDI works vary slightly
from person to person.

If you already have GUIDI, you may already know that GUIDI's works are mainly dyed by a method called tumbler die, which is to dye the whole shoe body after forming the shape as a product. Because of that, the shrinkage of the leather is uneven, and the size may be slightly larger or smaller depending on the product.
The point of choosing the size.

The point of choosing the size.

In addition to the individual differences in dyeing methods,
the shape of the feet varies from person to person.
When choosing shoes, the most difficult thing is choosing the size.
There are many people who are wondering which size to choose.

Then, on what basis should I choose the size?>
For your reference, I will explain the point of choosing the size.

If you want to wear the right size.

It depends on the walking feeling you like, but if you want to wear the perfect size,
it is just the right size that the heel is firmly held when walking and the instep (Wise) of the foot feels a little tight.
The leather fits very well and creates a firm hold feeling, so the instep of the foot immediately fits the shape of the person's foot. There is almost no problem if the outsole including the disposable size fits.

Choose while looking at the balance of the whole.

Since this item is a fashion item, it is essential to choose a size that is conscious of the overall balance. As an example, let me give you an example of a staff member with a foot size of 26 cm choosing a size. This staff usually wears size 41, but he bought size 42 back zip boots considering to match with wide pants. Since the heel is slightly raised, the size is adjusted with the insole. Now, after wearing it for 3 years, the leather has become longer, but the thickness of the insole has been changed to maintain the comfort and size. In this way, you can choose according to your style.