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list of products

Here we will explain each GUIDI product number.
Since the number of works is very wide, the works introduced here are only a part of GUIDI's works, but I hope that you will be able to enjoy the charm of GUIDI even a little from the representative works to the ones you rarely see.

Back Zip Boots

When it comes to GUIDI boots, there are many people who think of this shape first. From the beginning of the brand, boots made of a single piece of leather are characterized by their slanted shafts. This creates a unique fit when worn and the wrinkles that are carved when worn are very famous. This representative work has various models such as the height of the shaft and the shape of the wooden mold as well as the design, and each model is attractive.

Side Zip Boots

Side zip boots, which are available along with the back zip, is one of the representative works of boots. Like the back zip, this pair is made of a single piece of leather and features an inclined shaft. Because it's inside. The differences in details such as the way of wrinkling and aging are slightly different, and the zippers on the inside give it a minimal look, etc., will become a big difference depending on the aging.

Front Zip Boots

The Front Zip Boots, such as the [PL] series, which has gained worldwide popularity since its appearance with a form and iconic design in which the volume is made by piling up the leather on the toes with a sharp wooden form, is one of the popular items with a variety of variations such as a model made with one piece of leather, a model made with a wooden form with a wide width, etc. This model is loved by both men and women.

Laced Up Boots

Available in a variety of laced up boots that have been loved for a long time as classic boots without being influenced by generation or age. There are many designs ranging from rugged military styles to casual styles and gimmick designs. The presence of lace, which is not found in zip boots, serves as an accent, and the design is supported by the core fans.

Ankle Boots

Ankle-length boots with a moderate sense of presence are slightly longer than short boots, so they can be used for a wide range of styles and accents. This item is useful for those who like classic styles. From early spring to mid-winter, the easy balance that does not interfere with the sense of presence of clothes goes well with an Ultisan style and is loved by professionals for a long time.

Trekking Boots

This is a work with a strong presence and casual atmosphere that is distinct from other works. This is a pair of boots that is very easy to walk in, with cushions to hold the ankle softly, and consideration for comfort. Compared to other models, the impression is greatly changed by the difference of leather and color, and it is also a casual charm that you can play with the coloring that makes use of the heavy design and the coloring that creates a gap.

Other Boots

In addition to the boots above, there are boots with unique designs.

Derby Shoes

The Derby Shoes, which is the most famous model along with Back Zip Boots, is also available in several wooden shapes, and many people get confused by lining up the same short shoes. The simple and refined design represented by [992], which many people hold down as the first item, is impressive, but each item has a unique characteristic such as a rough atmosphere or a light feeling depending on the item number, and there are works that create different atmosphere.

Slip on and Pumps

This GUIDI slip-on has an impressive simple design that harmonizes the light feel and the texture of the leather that is perfect for the active season. It is basically made flatter than the short shoes and the overall height is reduced, but there are also voluminous models. The unique and creative lineup also offers a fun to choose from.


Sandals, which have gradually gained recognition in recent years as an essential item for summer styles, are also available in a variety of lineups, from open toes to comfort sandals and sabots, just like slip-ons. This item has high design quality and makes use of the presence of leather. You can enjoy GUIDI's work comfortably even in summer.


GUIDI has a strong image of boots, but sneaker type shoes have been appearing one after another in recent years.