guidi(グイディ)図鑑 - 自然と科学、2つの調和で作り出す唯一無二のプロダクトをご紹介


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GUIDI Picture Book

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Since the start of the shoes project in the 2005 autumn/winter season, they have produced many products with high quality and unique atmosphere that cannot be imitated anywhere. Guidi has enthusiastic fans all over the world and continues to create works that will attract many people across generations and trends.

The unique product created by the harmony of
nature and science.

GUIDI was established in 1896 by Guido Guidi, Giovanni Rosselini and Gino Uribo.
Since its founding, the company has established itself as one of Italy's most famous
tanning specialists and has evolved with the times to this day.

In Tuscany, Italy, blessed with animals such as sheep, cattle and
horses that coexist with people, plants that give rich color to leather, and natural products
such as clean and soft water that is essential for all the processes,
the leather that is carefully made over time has a distinct look and feel as if it is alive.

While inheriting the technology and superior experience cultivated over 100 years of history
respect and tradition for leather handed down from generation to generation, the technical quality cultivated over
100 years as a specialist of tanning since 1896 is unique.
In addition to the traditional techniques passed down from the Middle Ages
more than 1000 years ago, by adopting the latest technology, GUIDI always explore the possibilities of
leather and devote themselves to creating new things.

自然と科学 2つの調和で作り出す 唯一無二のプロダクト


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