Field Jacket Schoeller "C-CHANGE" Khaki Gray

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Wool 77% Polyurethane 12% Nylon 9% Elastan 2% [Main fabric]
Bamboo 55% Cashmere 45% [Lining]
Silk 100% [Sleeve Lining]
Additional Info
Collection 20-21AW
handling-store FASCINATE
内衬 有衬里
弹性 No elasticity
Field Jacket Schoeller "C-CHANGE" Khaki Gray-Khaki Gray-1
Color: Khaki Gray
Size: 1 / 缺货
Size: 2 / 缺货
Size: 3 / 缺货

DEVOA 20-21AW Collection.

The fabric was made by Swiss Schoeller. The fabric has a three-layer structure with wool on the surface, membrane sheet in the middle and mesh sheet on the skin side.
Of course, it has high technology functions such as waterproof and UV protection but the biggest feature of the fabric is that it changes the breathability and heat retention by changing the density of the tissue depending on the outside temperature like a pine cone. (C-CHANGE SYSTEM)
Only for coats and field jackets, the inner body lining uses Kyoto's Moso bamboo and cashmere fabric that is used in blankets.
This fabric has far-infrared ray effect, negative ion generation, antibacterial property, heat retention, good touch, and of course, the biggest feature is the overwhelming antistatic property. Currently, DEVOA is focusing on the effects of static electricity on the human body in the development of fabrics.
The effects of static electricity on allergic reactions and stress on the human body are being studied.
We believe this will be a major step forward in the research and development of textiles using Moso bamboo.
Both the coat and the field jacket are made with a new anatomical balance in mind.


Made in Japan


Designer: Daisuke Nishida

Concept: Our research starts with the understanding of the natural human body movements. DEVOA constructs of pattern toward movement of skin, muscle, and frame for an action. Human body keeps evolving and degenerating which are one and indivisible as the ages go by. We express clothing based on hypothesis and the theory of evolution which DEVOA interprets.

Collection 20-21AW
handling-store FASCINATE
内衬 有衬里
弹性 No elasticity
ProductID : 45957
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