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Proposition is a fashion brand by Oshima Fumika who studied fashion at St. Martin, and Richard Spandler who is a veteran of the industry providing fabrics to many brands around the world as a vintage dealer.
Richard, who has been involved in fashion for a long time and has collected vintage and fabrics from all over the world, has also managed several brands. He met Oshima, who studied fashion at St. Martin and established the company in London.
Their common passion for fashion is embodied in the clothing they produce.
Most of the pieces are only made in a limited number as production only starts when both of them have their inspiration with suitable fabrics to express it, all of which uses pre- 50's fabrics, and are handmade in their London studio.
They view their work as of an architectural structure and aim to discover new possibilities and for clothing that are different from the traditional structure and meaning through their relative combinations that are not normally used. They have a use of unique materials and have a strong commitment to textiles.
With an approach to architectural patterns with draping and flowing design for body alignment, the concept of the proposition is not only the imperfection in which the opposing coexist, but the combination of the special materials and elements.

Designer: Humika Oshima、Richard Wise
Production Area : United Kingdom


Handling Store : ANNASTESIA Nagoya

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ANNASTESIA / “proposition” Antique Linen 5-B Jacket

ANNASTESIA / proposition Antique Linen 5-B Jacket

ANNASTESIA / proposition Antique Linen 5-B Jacket

本日は、イギリスにてヴィンテージのディーラーや、ブランドやショップのディレクターを務めていたRichard Spandler (リチャード・スパンドラー)と、セントマーチン大学でファッションを学んだFumika Oshima(大島芙実香)の2人が手掛けるロンドン発のブランド proposition / プロポジションのご紹介です。

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