D-VEC Distributor Agreement

D-VEC is a fashion brand started in March, 2017 by Globride Co., Ltd., a general manufacturer of sports and leisure, which mainly develops fishing "DAIWA".
You can feel the sound of rain and enjoy the wind. Their products are functional and can be worn comfortably even in the natural environment. It can also be said that the worldview is a new brand from the technical point of view that combines the fashionability drawn by the D-VEC design team.
The clothing brand ""D-VEC", which is based on technical skills and functional know-how cultivated in the field of fishing, supports comfortable urban life.
In 2017, 2018, and 2019, it participated in the fashion festivals Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO and Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO, and since 2018, it has participated in the PITTI IMAGINE UOMO five times in a row.

◆Designer: Ryota Saito
Ryota Saito was born in 1985. After graduating from Bunka Fashion College, he joined Yohji Yamamoto Co., Ltd. in 2010.
He gained experience as a pattern maker for Yohji Yamamoto's women's collection line, and worked to launch "Ground Y".
In 2016, he became a designer for B Yohji Yamamoto. He left Yohji Yamamoto Company in 2020. He has been the chief designer of D-VEC since 2021.

Production Area: Japan

Handling Store : .LOGY Kyoto

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