AF ARTEFACT Outerwear Distributor Agreement

The designer graduated from Osaka Culture and Clothing University and worked as a designer, pattern worker for a clothes maker and also made sewing. The designer created in 2009 the men's brand A.F HOMME. The brand name was changed for A.F ARTEFACT in 2016 and started a unisex line. The brand made a new start with the Paris collection recently.

服装的设计和主观理念被看作是一个基本概念。A.F ARTEFACT 的目标是用轻松舒适的材料制作衣服並达到漂亮和均衡的形式。

联系电话 : 06-534-6110

Designer: 小澤聡子 (Satoko Ozawa)
Production Area: Japan

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